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Web3 Recruiting Agency was founded in 2022 with the believe that there are not enough agencies specializing in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, and the overarching Web3 sector. 

Our team has over a decade's worth of leadership and recruiting experience based on work done as hiring managers and head of departments while working in enterprise level companies as well as startups. In simple terms- we get recruiting from all angles.

Our Mission is simple - we partner with enterprise level organizations (who support Web3) obtain top talent which in return helps us all onboard more users to the space.


About Our Founding Team



Isai currently resides in Phoenix Arizona where he has lived since 2014.

He has worked in the financial industry since 2010 and been in leadership roles most of his career. This has allowed him to participate in over 200 interviews.

He was originally introduced to bitcoin in the early 2010s and began purchasing crypto assets in 2016. However, it was the technology behind these assets that piqued his curiosity unlike anything else before. He made the leap into building this recruiting agency full time to fully convert his passion.

He is married to Tessa Guerrero and has two beautiful daughters. On his spare time he enjoys coaching and watching soccer.

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